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Professor Bard National Geographic interview about the Ancient Burial Ground of 800 Egyptian Tombs

“From this area, there really aren’t very many tombs that are known, except for the royal tombs there,” says Kathryn Bard, an archaeologist at Boston University who was not involved in the work. “That’s why this cemetery is important.”  Read the entire article here  

Jade Luiz speaks at BostonTalks Happy Hour

BostonTalks, WGBH’s smarter happy hour, brings you a night of drinks and short speaking programs around the theme “Underground.” Listen as speakers share their insights and stories about the underground–both literally and figuratively. Between talks, chat with the speakers over a brew! Click here for additional information. Jade Luiz Historical archaeologist Luiz is a historical […]

WGBH-FM Interview with Professor Beaudry, Jade Luis, and Diana Gallagher

Edgar B. Herwick III, WGBH Curiosity Desk, interviewed Professor Mary Beaudry, graduate student, Jade Luiz, and alumna, Diana Gallagher, about the dig in the North End that has revealed what might be Paul Reveres’ bathroom. “Privies are like shipwrecks,” said Beaudry, “in the sense that they’re time capsules.” “People would say to me, ‘is that […]