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Marston, Scott, Luke, and Shin are co-authors on the 2014-2017 Research report at Kaymakci

BU Archaeology Program Professor John Marston, graduate student, Catherine Scott (GRS’19), alumna Nami Shin (CAS’15), and Christina Luke, Adjunct Associate Professor are co-authors on Exploring Space, Economy, and Interregional Interaction at a Second-Millennium B.C.E. Citadel in Central Western Anatolia: 2014–2017 Research at Kaymakçı, published by AJA. Congratulations to all! Click here to read article.

Kathleen and Amalia attend the EAA Meetings in Barcelona

Kathleen Forste, Graduate Student, and Professor Amalia Perez-Juez, attended the EAA Meetings in Barcelona this September.  “New Archaeobotanical Evidence of Early Islamic Agricultural Economy at Ashkelon and Caesarea Maritima” – Kathleen Forste “Manurqa: Islamic Medieval Archaeology in the Balearic Island of Menorca, Spain. Is it still condemned to Damnatio Memoriae?” – Amalia Pérez-Juez and Elena […]

Alumna, Veronica Joseph Keyes (GRS’16) in North Korea retrieving DPRK remains

2016 Archaeology PhD Veronica Joseph (now Veronica Keyes) has been employed at DPAA (Defense  POW/MIA Accounting Agency) in Honolulu for several years, work that she is enjoying very much. She is was one of the archaeologists/anthropologists on the delegation that recently went to North Korea to retrieve 55 sets of remains from DPRK, which will […]