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Dan Fallu essay on geology of Mycenae published

Dan Fallu, graduate student, was published in a book by Robert McCabe and Athina Cacouri.  Dan contributed an essay on the geology of Mycenae entitled “The Mycenaean Landscape: From ‘Well-Founded’ to a shaky end”. Congratulations Dan!   Mycenae: From Myth to History: Athina Cacouri, Robert … Mycenae: From Myth to History [Athina Cacouri, Robert […]

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Professor Chris Roosevelt and Brandon Olson publish the most downloaded JFA article in history

Boston University Department of Archaeology Dr. Chris Roosevelt and his co-authors, which also include grad student Brandon Olson published in the JFA issue 40.3 what has become the most downloaded JFA article in history, 851 times and counting!! The article is on his project’s use of digital technology to basically change the saying that archaeology […]

Walton and Carballo NSF Grant Recipient

Boston University Department of Archaeology Professor David Carballo  and Graduate Student David Walton (GRS’16)  are recipients of an National Science Foundation Grant. Under the guidance of Dr. David Carballo, David Walton will investigate the nuances of obsidian tool production and consumption in household spaces. This project is unique, compared to previous scholarship, because it applies […]

AIA Pomerance Fellowship Spotlight: Daniel Fallu (GRS’16)

The 2014 recipient of the Archaeological Institute of America’s Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship, Daniel “Dan” Fallu, thought for a long time that he would become a lawyer. Yet that same drive to solve puzzles, along with a strong desire to travel, eventually led Dan to study archaeology.  Click here to read more.