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Alumna, Elizabeth Hannigan (CAS’18), Maya society research featured in BU Today.

Alumna, Elizabeth Hannigan (CAS’18), Maya society research features in BU Today. Click here to read entire article. “Xultún, located in one of Guatemala’s national parks, is at least a three-hour drive from the nearest town, “depending on whether it’s a muddy day,” says Hannigan, who spent two months at the dig site in 2016. For […]

BU Today coverage of BU Archaeology Cabinet of Curiosity & Unrolling of the Mummy

BU Today 10/31/2016 by Amy Laskowski Event director Ilaria Patania (GRS’17), a PhD candidate in archaeology, said unveiling parties were very fashionable occasions, hosted by those who could afford to buy a mummy as “entertainment for their house party,” and also by professors or hospitals, who would examine the relic in the name of science. […]

Eating Archaeology in BU Today

BU Today 6/9/2016 Cooking Up the Past BU students re-create ancient recipes, and eat them too The sponge cake favored by 19th-century prostitutes was dense, cloyingly sweet, and pretty much inedible to someone with today’s palate. That’s according to a group of BU archaeology, gastronomy, and culinary arts students who found the century-old recipe and […]

The Chirikof Island Project

Dr. Catherine West directs the Chirikof Island Project, which is funded by the National Geographic Society, Boston University, and the Smithsonian Institution. The goal of this project is to use the animal bones in archaeological sites to understand how the island’s ecosystem has changed over the last 2000 years in response to human hunting, climate […]

Professors Roosevelt and Luke BU Today feature

BU Archaeologists Explore Turkey, and Blog About It Team sends timely reports from the Gygaia Projects This summer, a team led by two Boston University archaeology professors has been working hard on an archaeological dig in Turkey, and when they’re not digging, they are blogging about digging. The Gygaia Projects—codirected by Christina Luke, a College […]