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Paulo Medina (GRS’17) recipient of The Love of Learning Award

Love of Learning Awards Love of Learning Awards help fund post-baccalaureate studies and/or career development for active Phi Kappa Phi members to include (but not be limited to): Graduate or professional studies, doctoral dissertations, continuing education, career development, travel related to teaching/studies, etc. Recipients of the Fellowship award are not eligible to apply. One hundred […]

$78K NSF Award given to Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli to study Climate Change

According to the grant abstract, “the study will provide a detailed record of human occupation and environmental change” in the Maya Biosphere Reserve forest of northeastern Guatemala. This lowland area was where the Maya settled in pre-Columbian times. Researchers note that “climate change and environmental degradation have been proposed as the primary causes of extensive demographic […]

Brent Fortenberry (GRS’13) awarded the Bermuda National Trust DeForest Trimingham Award

Brent Fortenberry awarded the The Bermuda National Trust DeForest Trimingham Award for unwavering commitment to Bermuda’s archaeological research and education by providing a glimpse into the lives of the island’s residents throughout the centuries. The first picture  is Dr. Fortenberry with Rev. David Raths Incumbent of St. Peters Church and Bermuda National Trust President Lt. […]

Professor David Carballo awarded the Junior Fellowship from the Center for Humanites

Congratulations to Professor Carballo! Center for Humanities Junior Fellowship awarded to Professor David Carballo for academic year 2013/14 to do his research. Religion and Urbanization in Ancient Central Mexico. Five centuries ago Hernán Cortes and the conquistadors encountered teeming Aztec cities that served as the centers of ritual spectacles for a religious system that to […]

Professor Mary Beaudry Receives J.C. Harrington Award

Established in 1981, the J.C. Harrington Award is named in honor of Jean Carl Harrington (1901-1998), one of the pioneers of historical archaeology in North America. The award, which consists of an inscribed metal, is presented for a lifetime of contributions to the discipline centered on scholarship. No more than one Harrington Medal is presented […]

Congratulations Archaeology majors Zachary Nakashian (CAS’13), Megan Thibodeau (CAS’13), and Jasna Vilic (CAS’14)

December 2012 Phi Beta Kappa Epsilon Initiation and Award Ceremony Boston University Department of Archaeology majors Zachary Jacob Nakashian (CAS’13) and Megan Lili Thibodeau (CAS’13) will be inducted on December 4 to the Phi Beta Kappa Epsilon. Jasna Vilic (CAS’14) will receive the junior award on December 4th. Join us in congratulating them for their […]

BU Archaeology Professor Michael Danti Awarded $750,000 grant to partner with Mosul University in Iraq

BOSTON—A team of archaeologists under the direction of BU Assistant Professor of Archaeology Michael Danti will partner with educators at Mosul University on an innovative program to revive higher education and cultural heritage management in Iraq. Centered on the study of Iraqi archaeology and culture, the new Mosul University Archaeology Program (MAP) will focus on […]