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Alum (BA 1982) Dr. John J. Shea’s new book “Stone Tools in Human Evolution: Behavioral Differences among Technological Primates”

Alum (BA 1982) John J. Shea, Professor Anthropology at SUNY, has a new book being published January 2017:  Stone Tools in Human Evolution: Behavioral Differences among Technological Primates. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.  Click here for additional information. Some background from the author:  “Several years ago I was among physical anthropologist colleagues at conference […]


BU Student Veronica Joseph Hooded in Honolulu

Veronica Joseph was unable to attend the BU hooding ceremony.  Her forensic anthropology lab at the US Dept. of Defense’s Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency held a surprise hooding for her there, with mother and son Xavier in attendance! Here’s a brief description from Dr. Denis To, Veronica’s lab manager: “…We actually had TWO hooding ceremonies, which you can […]

Alumna Dr. Donna Yates (CAS’04) exclusive SAFE interview

1. Please describe your professional and educational background for our readers. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist, but I thought I was just going to be a regular Maya archaeologist. While studying at Boston University, I worked in Belize and Guatemala for six months. There, I was working at a site that had […]

Alumna, Dr. Donna Yates member of the Trafficking Culture Project

Dr Yates is one of our foremost authorities in the subject. She lectures in Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime at Glasgow University’s Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, and is also part of the Trafficking Culture Project, an international grouping that does deep research into the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects.  Read […]


BU Archaeology alumna Tess Davis spearheads Task Force report on steps to reduce looting and cultural destruction in the Middle East and North Africa

Tess Davis (CAS ’04), executive director of the Antiquities Coalition, served as project director for the #CultureUnderThreat Task Force, which was convened under the auspices of the Antiquities Coalition, the Asia Society, and the Middle East Institute. The Task Force, comprising experts in heritage, international law, law enforcement, and national security, developed a set of […]