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Alum, David Walton publishes his obsidian use-wear analyses

Alum, David Walton new article published online that presents his obsidian use-wear analyses from a site called Altica (1250-800 BC), Mexico, which is the earliest settlement documented for the Teotihuacan Valley. If you would like to check out the paper in full, you can do so through his faculty website ( tldr: they were doing […]

Curtis Runnels and Justin Holcomb (GRS’20) published article

Curtis and Justin have published an article in the journal Quaternary International titled “Deposit-centered archaeological survey and the search for the Aegean Palaeolithic: A geoarchaeological perspective.” Congratulations! Article Link: Abstract: Recent archaeological discoveries from the Greek islands of Crete and Naxos point to the presence of hominins in the Aegean Basin beginning at least in […]

Carolyn L. White (GRS’02) published a new book!

Carolyn L. White received her PhD from Boston University Archaeology in 2002. Carolyn is the Mamie Kleberg Chair in Historical Preservation, Professor of Anthropology, Director of Historical Preservation Program, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno. Congratulations to Carolyn on her book, “The Archaeology of Burning Man: The Rise and Fall of Black Rock City.” […]

Four alumni publish in Advances in Archaeological Practice

Regional Ways of Seeing: A Big-Data Approach for Measuring Ancient Visualscapes Natalie M. Susamann (GRS’19) Published online in Advances in Archaeological Practice: 16 April 2020, pp. 1-18 Affording Archaeology: How Field School Costs Promote Exclusivity Laura E. Heath-Stout (GRS’19), Elizabeth M. Hannigan (CAS’19) Published online in Advances in Archaeological Practice: 13 April 2020, pp 1-11 […]

Emily Johnson (CAS’17) recipient of NSF Fellowship

Good news! Our 2017 BA grad Emily Johnson (now a PhD student at UC Santa Barbara, is the recipient of a 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (!!  They only awarded 7 in archaeology this year, nationwide, so it’s intensely competitive. The fellowship funds three years of her graduate research. Congratulations Emily!

Photos of Jane Baxter (CAS’93) talk “Reflections on 25 years of the Archaeology of Childhood”

Dr. Jane Eva Baxter is an alumnus of Boston University (CAS 1993) where she majored in Archaeological Studies. She graduated with a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Michigan in 2000 and that same year began as a tenure-track faculty member in the Department of Anthropology at DePaul University. Dr. Baxter is an award-winning […]

Katie Berlin (CAS’20) featured in CAS News – Arts and Sciences

“Katie Berlin (GRS’20) came to BU after graduating from UC Berkeley because she knew the archaeology program in the Department of Anthropology had top-notch faculty members committed to improving the field as a whole. She quickly became exposed to innovative research techniques, like those of Dr. Andrea Berlin (no relation, Katie says), who created a […]

Mary Beaudry gave the keynote address at the Society for Historical Archaeology Conference

The Society for Historical Archaeology’s 2020 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology was held in Boston January 8-11, 2020. According to their Conference Preliminary Program, “This year marks the anniversary of many revolutionary events in history, including the 400th anniversary of the founding of nearby Plimoth Plantation, the 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre, and […]

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