MA in Archaeological Heritage Management

(At this time new students are not being admitted into this program.)


This degree is intended for those planning a career in public archaeology. The program seeks to provide a balance between the academic study of archaeology and practical training in the identification, evaluation, and management of archaeological resources. It includes a practicum, internship, or other apprenticeship designed to provide the requisite experience. This might involve a semester-long internship with an approved cultural-resource management group, state historic preservation office, or other governmental office.


Currently we are not admitting students into this degree program.

Applicants must have a BA or BS in a discipline or program related to archaeology. Students lacking sufficient preparation must make up the deficiency as determined by the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee, in addition to meeting the requirements of the program.


A minimum of eight semester courses is required, including AR780 and AR910/911; either AR805 or AR810; at least one of the following courses (AR504, AR580, AR815, AR913/914); and four other courses. Students must also demonstrate a command of the skills and materials covered by AR503 or take the course.

Foreign Language

The student must demonstrate reading proficiency in one modern foreign language.


Two examinations are required: one on general topics in archaeological heritage management, and the other in a specific region or topic within the field.

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Thesis/Research Paper

Each student will write and submit a thesis or special research paper for faculty review. The only difference between a thesis or a research paper is that the former requires one to meet all GRS guidelines and deadlines for submission. The thesis or research paper will be prepared under the supervision of at least two readers who will evaluate the submission on behalf of the Department.

Further information on this program and its current activities, financial aid, future employment opportunities, and the like may be obtained from .

Guidelines for Internal Transfer into the MA Heritage Program

Graduate students in the Archaeology Department who wish to switch from their current program into the Archaeological Heritage Management M.A. Program must submit to the Graduate Studies Committee an application consisting of the following:

  1. A written statement (1–2 pages) describing his or her background in archaeology, reasons for the proposed transfer, and goals for participation in the heritage management program.
  2. A current transcript and list of all current courses.
  3. A proposed program of study, containing a list of all courses required to fulfill the program requirements, identifying the required foreign language, and including a schedule for completion. Students should also identify their proposed area of topical concentration. See the Graduate School bulletin for program requirements.

Upon submission, the application will be reviewed by three Archaeology faculty members, including, under normal circumstances, Prof. Elia, Prof. Mughal, and another appropriate to the geographical area of interest.. Their decision will be considered by the Graduate Studies Committee and the committee’s recommendation will be transmitted for endorsement by the faculty at its next department meeting.