MA in Geoarchaeology

(At this time new students are not being admitted into this program.)


The Geoarchaeology program is aimed at providing a broad background in both the geosciences and archaeology. Such a broad-based program provides flexibility to students coming from a variety of different backgrounds such as geology or other natural sciences, anthropology, or archaeology, but who are equally interested in associating geological techniques and methods with archaeological and geological data.


Currently we are not admitting students into this degree program.

The student is expected to have completed a bachelors degree, in earth sciences or archaeology (or closely related fields), prior to admission to the department. Students lacking sufficient preparation in either archaeology or earth sciences will be required to take courses, as determined by the faculty advisers, to make up the deficiency. On occasion these may be beyond the minimum specified by the Graduate School.


A minimum of eight graduate-level courses (32 credits) is required, of which two must be AR509 and AR701, and two must come from the following list: ES 514, ES 533, ES 534, ES 541, ES 573, or ES 830 or other courses pending approval of the Geoarchaeology advisory committee. The remaining courses, chosen in consultation with academic advisers, may include pertinent graduate-level courses in AR, ES, or allied Departments.

Foreign Language

There is no formal language requirement. Students should consult with their advisors to determine appropriate language competency for their individual program.  Departmental foreign language exams will be offered once each semester during the tenth week of the semester.


Students will be evaluated at the end of the first year through a comprehensive exam.

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A written thesis, approved by an adviser from each department must be submitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. MA candidates must give an oral presentation of their research results to a committee composed of faculty from each department.

Further information on this program and its current activities, financial aid, future employment opportunities and the like may be obtained from Prof. Paul Goldberg or Prof. David Marchant.

Guidelines for Intra-Departmental Transfers

Graduate students in the Archaeology Department who wish to switch from their current program into the Geoarchaeology M.A. Program must submit to the Graduate Studies Committee an application consisting of the following:

  1. A written statement (1 – 2 pages) describing his or her background in archaeology, reasons for the proposed transfer, and goals for participation in the Geoarchaeology program.
  2. A current transcript and list of all current courses.
  3. A proposed program of study, containing a list of all courses required to fulfill the program requirements, including a schedule for completion. Students should also identify their proposed area of topical concentration. See the Graduate School bulletin for program requirements.

Upon submission, the application will be reviewed by three faculty members among the Archaeology and Earth Science Departments, including under normal circumstances Prof. Goldberg, Prof. Marchant (or other Earth Sciences representative), and the Director of Graduate Studies. Their decision will be considered by the Graduate Studies Committee and the committee’s recommendation will be transmitted for endorsement by the faculty at its next department meeting.