Introduction to Graduate Program

PhD candidate Travis Parno (left) excavating underneath the floor of St. Peter’s Church in St. George’s, Bermuda


Boston University is a leading center for the study of archaeology and the only university in the United States with a separate, fully constituted, Department of Archaeology. We offer students a splendid opportunity to work closely with faculty in field study, in the laboratory, and in the classroom, developing professional expertise. While Boston University is an enormous institution with vast resources, the Department of Archaeology is a compact entity in which archaeology graduate students and faculty interact with each other, formally and informally, on a daily basis.

The University’s Center for Remote Sensing works jointly with the Archaeology Department on many projects using high-technology methods for archaeological investigation. The administrative offices of the Archaeological Institute of America, and the American Schools of Oriental Research sponsor centers and projects all over the world, the International Center for East Asian Archaeology, sponsor centers and projects in East Asia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The centers are located on campus. A wide variety of professional journals and publications, including Geoarchaeology, the Journal of Field Archaeology, and the Journal of East Asian Archaeology, are edited by members of the Faculty. A major asset of our program is the city of Boston itself. With its many museums of art, science, anthropology, and other specialties; its many major and specialized libraries, and with its vast wealth of historical sites and landmarks, the city and its environs expose students to sophisticated and exciting work in many fields. Various consortia make it possible for students to take advantage of the collective resources of numerous institutions of higher learning in the metropolitan area.