800-level courses

GRS AR800 Food-Gathering Societies
Seminar on prehistoric hunting-and-gathering societies from the Lower Paleolithic through the Mesolithic. Technology, subsistence patterns, demography, and human organization. Use of ethnographic analogy and environmental studies.

GRS AR802 Paleoethnobotany
Seminar. Introduces the method and theory of study of the uses of plants by humans derived from evidence present in the archaeological record, the relationship between humans and their environment, and the relationship between the environment and the archaeological record. Laboratory sessions concentrate on identification methods and project on archaeological material. Lecture and Lab.  Meets with CAS AR381.

GRS AR803 Quantitative Studies
Seminar. Prerequisite: CAS AR400 or consent of instructor. The application of quantitative methods to archaeological data covering techniques of exploratory data analysis, probability sampling, and techniques of spatial analysis with lectures on statistical methods.

GRS AR805 U.S. Archaeological Heritage Management
Introduction to the practice of public archaeology in the U.S. Historical and legal background; state and federal programs; conducting archaeological investigations; archaeology as a business; the public interest; controversies, problems, and prospects in archaeological heritage management.

GRS AR808 Survey and Landscape Archaeology
This seminar traces the development of survey and landscape archaeology and their impact on understandings of the social, political, economic, and religious environments of ancient cultures. Weekly discussions and presentations cover a sample of methodological and interpretive approaches

GRS AR810 International Heritage Management
Investigations of issues in archaeological heritage management at the international level. Approaches, challenges, and solutions to problems in the identification, evaluation, conservation, management, and interpretation of archaeological resources. Focus on specific topics (e.g. legislation) and/or geographical regions.

GRS AR815 Plunder and Preservation: Cultural Heritage in Wartime
Topics include safeguarding of cultural sites, monuments, and objects during armed conflict; history of cultural seizures as spoils of war; destruction of cultural heritage in war; development of legal protections; contemporary approaches to preservation of heritage at risk from war.

GRS AR830 The End of Days:
Analyzing Collapse in Complex Societies
Seminar on the archaeology, anthropology, mythology and history of collapse in complex societies. Course provides students with an in-depth understanding of major issues and challenges in studying the dissolution and reformulation of complex societies in the ancient world.  Meets with CAS AR430.