400-level courses

CAS AR400 Statistics and Computer Sciences for the Archaeologist
Elementary and intermediate application of the computer to archaeological data analysis, derivation and interpretation of the structure of archaeological data assemblages in terms of statistical and mathematical models. (Course fulfills department technical requirement.)

CAS AR404 Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials: Analysis & Preservation
Prerequisite: at least one AR course at 200 level or equivalent or consent of instructor.  Primary field recovery techniques, laboratory analysis, and laboratory experience in conservation methods for archaeological materials including pottery, wood, bone, metals, stone, leather, fabrics, basketry, paper, and floral remains. Lecture and Lab.  (Course fulfills department technical requirement.)

AR430 The End of Days:
Analyzing Collapse in Complex Societies
Seminar on the archaeology, anthropology, mythology and history of collapse in complex societies. Course provides students with an in-depth understanding of major issues and challenges in studying the dissolution and reformulation of complex societies in the ancient world.  Meets with GRS AR830.

CAS AR435 Topics in the Materiality of Ancient Mediterranean Religions
Pre requisite: Prior coursework in Archaeology or in ancient religions (Classics/RN/Hist/STh), or permission of the instructor.  Investigates manifestations and contexts of religion in the Greco-Roman world, including iconographic, architectural, votive, magical, and archaeological remains, and drawing on theories of space, image, and ritual performance.   Individual topics will address historical periods or specific themes in religious materiality. Cross-listed with AR735, RN490, and RN790.

CAS AR450 Methods and Theory in Archaeology
Senior capstone seminar dealing with the intellectual history of the discipline, research methods, concepts, and problems in archaeological theory, and the formulation of research designs.  (Course fulfills department requirement.)

CAS AR451 Seminar in Mesoamerican Archaeology
(Prerequisite: AR222, AR250, AR251, AR322, AR323, AR353, or consent) Mesoamerican Archaeology: Advanced seminar covering major events and processes of the Mesoamerican culture region.  Topics vary by semester, but may include issues such as early villages, urbanization, state formation, households, religion, economy and exchange, and the Spanish conquest and early colonialism.  (Course fulfills department area requirement.)

CAS AR480 Archaeological Ethics and The Law
In this course students examine archaeology and professional ethics; archaeology as public interest; legal organization of archaeology; international approaches to heritage management; looting, collecting and the antiquities market; maritime law and underwater archaeology; cultural resource management in the United States.  Meets with GRS AR780.  (Course fulfills department topical requirement.)