Greetings from the Director

Welcome to the BU Archaeology Program!

We invite you to explore our website where you will find detailed information about our interdisciplinary program including the courses we offer, the research we undertake, our labs and facilities, major initiatives, and updated news and events.

Undergraduate and graduate students in archaeology work and study with program faculty who are actively pursuing field and laboratory research in different parts of the world: from Mexico and Massachusetts to the Mediterranean (and more!).  Our specialties include Archaeological Sciences and Archaeological Heritage, and we highlight global, comparative archaeology, especially the study of urban societies and the critical role that archaeologists play in understanding the human past through material culture as well as in addressing issues of archaeological heritage in the present.  Archaeologists study the entirety of human history, on every part of the globe and for all points in time that people have inhabited it.  As a result, we are committed to celebrating human diversity through our teaching and research, and we strive to foster inclusiveness within our own community of students, faculty, and staff at BU.

Please check our calendar for upcoming events, and when you are in the Boston area do visit us, tour the facilities, and get to know us as we move to connect varied disciplines at BU with the shared aim of revealing more of the human story and its deep past.

Mary Beaudry