Greetings from the Chair

03 Curtis 2014

Welcome to the Department of Archaeology!

We invite you to explore our site and to contact us: you will find detailed information about our programs and courses, as well as profiles of our faculty, research projects, field schools, staff, and facilities.

You will find the opportunity to do research in our interdisciplinary programs with faculty at sites throughout the world, from Mexico to Turkey, while working alongside students and faculty who share your fascination with archaeology. Archaeologists in our department do research in a broad range of specialties, from early prehistory to the day before yesterday, along with the Archaeological Sciences such as geoarchaeology, paleoethnobotany, and zooarchaeology, including GIS and Remote Sensing. We also have a long tradition of research and teaching in the broad area of Archaeological Heritage.

Since 1982, when the Department of Archaeology was founded by James R. Wiseman, Creighton Gabel, and Fred Kleiner, we have pursued the study of Archaeology as a unified discipline devoted to comprehending the human past. We highlight global, comparative archaeology and the rise of complex societies, while examining the critical role that archaeologists play in constructing the past and in addressing heritage issues in the present. We carry out meaningful research while stressing professionalism, ethics, politics, and nationalism in archaeology.

Please check our calendar for upcoming events, and when you are in the Boston area do visit us: tour the department and get to know us as we move forward to develop Archaeology as part of Boston University’s future.

Curtis Runnels