Alumni 1987

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Basile, Joseph J. BA 1987 Professor
Conquest, Caroll B BA 1987
House, Alice L. BA 1987
Morris, Lynn E. BA 1987
Rodenhiser Goodwin, Lorinda BA 1987
Senkel, Dianne BA 1987
Zierdt, Gwendolyn F. BA 1987
Alexander, Catherine S. MA 1987 Artifact Illustrator
Anderson, Sally C. MA 1987 Contract Archaeologist Thesis: “Archaic Period Land Use in the Southern Tularosa Basin, New Mexico”
Bell, Edward L. MA 1987 Senior Archaeologist
Ernstein, Julie MA 1987
Finamore, Daniel MA 1987
Pena, Elizabeth MA 1987
Goodwin, Conrad “Mac” PhD 1987 Author and Researcher Dissertation: “Sugar, time, and Englishmen: a study of management strategies on Caribbean plantations”
Zachos, Constantine PhD 1987 Chief Archaeologist Dissertation: “Ayios Dhimitrios, A Prehistoric Settlement In The Southwestern Peloponnesos: The Neolithic And Early Helladic Periods (Aegean, Triphylia, Bronze Age, Greece)