Archaeology majors and PhD student awarded prestigious BU Humanities Center awards

The BU Center for the Humanities Executive Committee selected four Archaeology majors and one Archaeology PhD student to receive the prestigious awards.

Regina Isidro Campos (CAS’22) and Priya Patel (CAS’22) received the Alice M. Brennan Humanities Award. Yarden Tsfoni (CAS’22) received the Robert E. Yellin Award. Guzin Erin (GRS’21) received an Edwin S. and Ruth M. White Prize and an Angela J. and James J. Rallis Memorial Award.  Karolena Salmon (CAS’22), double major of Archaeology and Anthropology received an Alice M. Brennan award. Karolena was initially nominated by both majors, we decided her research was more Anthropology related, awarded through them.

Congratulations to Guzin, Karolena, Regina, Priaya, and Yardin!  These awards are so well deserved.

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