Photos of Archaeology Program Open House – September 20th

Learn about BU’s Archaeology Program with hands-on activities, including tours of the Environmental Archaeological Laboratory (Room 348) to see how archaeologists study ancient climate change and diets through the study of plant remains (Paleoethnobotany), and a visit to Flintknapping and Wine (Room 253) to make primitive stone tools, the civilized way. Visit the Zooarchaeology Laboratory (Room 230) displayed skeletons and archaeological bones for hands on activities, the Geographic Information Systems Lab (354) 3D and GIS model presentation, and the Levantine Ceramics Project Lab (349) to learn about the digital tool devoted to pottery made in the Levant from the Neolithic period to the Ottoman empire.
Cost: Complimentary
Location of First Stop:
Gabel Museum of Archaeology, 675 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 253, Boston, MA 02215

Click here for photo of the Open House.

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