Alumna, Veronica Joseph Keyes (GRS’16) in North Korea retrieving DPRK remains

2016 Archaeology PhD Veronica Joseph (now Veronica Keyes) has been employed at DPAA (Defense  POW/MIA Accounting Agency) in Honolulu for several years, work that she is enjoying very much. She is was one of the archaeologists/anthropologists on the delegation that recently went to North Korea to retrieve 55 sets of remains from DPRK, which will now be examined and hopefully identified at DPAA.  Here is a link to one of the many articles about the handover and a link to the US Forces South Korea Facebook post that has some of the photos of Veronica’s team during the review in Wonsan, North Korea:  

Veronica has been very busy since the DPRK repatriation, inventorying and working on the remains. She has also spent  some time in DC talking with Korean War POW/MIA families about the recently acquired remains, and lab activity on the Korean War in general. She will deploy to Laos for field excavations in October at some Vietnam War-era crash sites.

We are very proud of Veronica and the important historical work that she is undertaking.

Photo from U.S. Forces Korea Facebook Page July 30, 2018.
Veronica Joseph Keys, from DPAA ensure a dignified return of remains in Wonsan, North Korea.

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