Successful Archaeology PhD Defenses

Congratulations to Ilaria Patania, Allison Cuneo, and Zhengdong Guo for successfully defending their dissertation.

Allison’s defense was Thursday, August 3 titled, “Heritage Management Challenges and Changes in Northern Iraq: The Rise of Kurdistan and the Islamic State Onslaught After the Fall of Saddam”.

Ilaria’s was Friday, August 4 titled, “Site Formation Processes and Site Use in the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene: Micromorphology and FTIR Analysis at the Cave Sites of Xianrendong and Yuchanyan”

Zhengdong’s was Friday, September 1 titled, ““The Intersection of Technology, Manufacture, and Society: An Analysis of Ceramic Building Materials of the Northern Wei Dynasty from Datong, Shanxi, China”


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