We are pleased to announce that the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation will increase the endowment for the annual Distinguished Lecture in Archaeology with a gift of $50,000.

This donation is in acknowledgment of the success of the lecture series and the Department of Archaeology’s breadth of scholarship in teaching and research. 

 The Sackler Foundation generously endowed an annual Distinguished Lecture in Archaeology in 2010 in honor of Emeritus Professor Norman Hammond.  These lectures alternate between the archaeology of the New and Old Worlds, and to date we have been honored by lectures from Mary Miller of Yale, Susan Alcock of Brown, Gary Feinman from the Chicago Museum of Natural History, Robin Fleming from Boston College, and William Fash from Harvard. 

 To this list of distinguished speakers we now add this year’s Distinguished Lecturer, Melinda Zeder of the Smithsonian Institution.

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