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BU deepens commitment to host city

Putting the Boston in Boston University

In September 2017, 82 students from Boston Public Schools matriculated at Boston University.

Boston University has deepened its commitment to the City of Boston by expanding a scholarship program to offer all graduates of Boston public high schools who are admitted to the University a chance at a debt-free education.

In an effort to further expand scholarship opportunities for local students, the University committed, in 2009, to meeting the full financial need (without loans) of any Boston public school graduate admitted to Boston University through the creation of the Community Service Scholarship. Since that time, 466 Boston public school students have received over $59 million in Community Service Scholarship funding.

In December 2017, Boston University and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the expansion of the program, which had previously been limited to incoming freshmen, to include incoming transfer students who are graduates of Boston public high schools. To date, 46 students have received approximately $2.2 million in funding.

BU also funds the Thomas M. Menino Scholarship program, which supports around 25 exemplary incoming students from Boston Public Schools each year with full tuition for four years, and, if they’re eligible, will also meet their full calculated need without loans.

Putting a great education within reach

In FY2018, we gave out $244.2 million in need-based and merit-based assistance, with $234.3 million coming directly from the University and another $9.9 million from our endowment and comprehensive fundraising campaign. BU's commitment to socioeconomic diversity continues to grow. Our financial aid numbers for University grant funds for the freshmen entering in fall 2017 tell the story.

Class of 2021


Matriculated freshmen


Domestic students


Students applied for financial aid*


Aid applicants received BU aid*


Aid applicants received Pell Grants*


Average need of applicants who received BU grants*


Average BU grant to applicants who received BU grants (including Athletics; excluding tuition remission)*

* Domestic students