Federal Funding to Faculty Affiliated with The Hariri Institute

The amount of information generated by our computers and digital devices is mind-boggling. This astronomical data yield is illuminating everything from finance, meteorology, and medicine to journalism, internet privacy, and gaming. At the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, we’ve married our robust computing power with cross-disciplinary brain power. And the results are taking us deep inside fascinating worlds.

In Grants for Massachusetts Open Cloud

The MOC, which arose from BU research and has drawn partners such as MIT and Harvard, is a groundbreaking open, public cloud.

Nearly 100 Affiliated Faculty

Hariri-affiliated professors and researchers hail from the arts and sciences, engineering, management, medicine, public health, and health and rehabilitation sciences, to name a few.


Researchers and students across campus harness the Hariri Institute’s vast computational toolbox.

Mapping Titian

Helping art lovers visualize a work of art in its historical context

Smart Cities

Harnessing the power of cloud computing to remedy urban headaches, from traffic congestion to dirty air

Akshaya Ramesh (MED’19)

As a PHD student in microbiology professor Tom Kepler’s lab on the Medical Campus, Akshaya Ramesh (MED’19) is helping harness the power of supercomputing, along with highly efficient algorithms, to find a vaccine for HIV. She’s part of a team that is whole-genome sequencing rhesus macaques, the monkey which shares 93% of its DNA with humans. The aim is to better comprehend the primate’s immune system and antibody responses and then develop a reference database for scientists. But this work requires more than a laptop. There are around 10 million sequences that represent the entire genome. “The volume of information we’re talking about here is a terabyte, 1 trillion bytes. It takes 15 days to run one trial. Our lab has two computers. We simply wouldn’t be able to do this vital research without this technology.”


$271M awarded by the federal government

$24M in research funds contributed by BU

$55M from all other sources,
including industry, foundations, and hospitals

$350.3M in research awards for FY2014

169 appointed research faculty members

59 patents awarded to faculty, staff, and students in the last 5 years

717 active technology licensing cases

Powerful minds,
fully charged

From outer space to inner space, our faculty researchers delved deep this past year. Keep up with the latest groundbreaking work on both campuses by visiting the new Research website. Below is just a sampling.