“In short, it’s been a radical year.”

Some people might think a ship the size of Boston University wouldn’t turn easily. But this past year, we have moved with the power and precision of a speedboat. And we’ve covered a lot of ground, from becoming a member of the esteemed Association of American Universities to launching a $1 billion fundraising campaign to joining the MIT- and Harvard-led online education consortium edX. We also switched from the America East Conference to the Patriot League, saw our bond rating enhanced, and admitted our smartest-ever freshman class.

“BU is the first private university to join the AAU since 1995 and one of only four universities invited to join the group since 2000.”

Clearly, there’s a lot to talk about, but I know your time is valuable. So this year, we’re keeping it short. Scroll through these pages for bite-sized, thought-provoking stories on the people driving our progress and check out our collection of smart, 60-second videos that span the depth and breadth of the University’s recent work.

I’m confident you’ll find it time well spent.


Robert A. Brown

Robert A. Brown