Best of Both Worlds

Student-athlete Katie Matthews breaks down the science of victory. On the track, as well.

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By the time you finish reading this, Katie Matthews (SAR’12,’14) could have run a quarter mile. Or diagnosed a handful of speech disorders. She’s as fast as they come and not just on the track. This year, Matthews shattered her own school record in the 5,000m with a 15:42:27. And her 3.94 GPA helped earn the speech pathology major 2013 America East Scholar-Athlete of the Year and Woman of the Year. Matthews, who also owns school records in the 3K and outdoor 5K, was named to multiple America East All-Academic squads and honor rolls. The five-time All-American is now pursuing her master’s in speech pathology at BU while running professionally. “The academic and athletics sides definitely fed each other while I was an undergraduate. I don’t think I could have achieved as much in either area without the other.”

“Being a student-athlete, you’re always both. The two sides are constantly feeding each other. Together, they can take you to exciting places.”