We wouldn’t be anywhere without our talented and tireless faculty. Certainly not on the receiving end of an invitation from the heavy-hitting Association of American Universities. Together, our 3,878 faculty and researchers make up the engine that moves Boston University forward. That forward motion was recognized around the country this year with a slew of honors, from Guggenheim fellowships to significant National Science Foundation (NSF) grants to a jump in a variety of rankings. But it’s the everyday, unheralded efforts of our professors—whether reaching across disciplines for a fresh approach to a cancer cure, rethinking the limits of artificial intelligence, or lighting up a student’s eyes—that make the entire BU community proud.

Not to Brag, but...


The power of a BU diploma was recognized this year when the employability of our graduates was ranked 7th among US schools and 17th in the world in a survey published in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune.


SMG placed 7th in the 2013 Bloomberg Businessweek “Best Undergraduate Business Schools for Finance” ranking, up 16 spots from last year.


Robert Weller, chair of anthropology, will spend the next year traveling to China, where he will continue his study of religious pluralism, thanks to a fellowship from the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

Metcalf Awards

By recognizing and encouraging outstanding teaching, the Metcalf Awards express BU’s deepest purpose. This year’s winners: SED Assistant Professor Carol Jenkins; CAS Assistant Professor John Finnerty; and MED Professor Deborah Vaughan.

National Academy of Inventors

The National Academy of Inventors elected four of our multidisciplinary faculty to its ranks this year. Please say hello to ENG profs Mark Grinstaff, Theodore Moustakas, and James Collins; and to Barbara Gilchrest, a MED professor and former chair of dermatology.


BU’s stature got a big boost this year. First, the QS World University Rankings placed BU 64th around the globe, up 6 spots from last year. And investments in our faculty and students this year bore fruit in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings, which named BU 41st in the country, a 10-place jump in one year.


Professor Gail Carpenter’s research is playing a crucial role in neuroscience, and the engineering world is taking notice. This year, she was named a fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for her development of the adaptive resonance theory and modeling of Hodgkin-Huxley neurons.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Two CAS profs were elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences this year: Larry Epstein, a pioneer in the field of decision theory, and Paula Fredriksen, an expert on the history of ancient Christianity.


For his work exploring ways to teach computers how to learn from their past behavior, Jonathan Appavoo, an assistant professor of computer science, was awarded a Faculty Early Career Development Award, valued at nearly $600,000, from the National Science Foundation.