Paula Menyuk

Professor Emerita, School of Education

Research Interests

Language development in normally developing and language disordered children

Language development and reading

Developmental language problems and reading problems

Current Research Projects

Grant proposal recently (November 1996) submitted:”Improving language processing in specifically language impaired and hard of hearing children”

Recent Publications

    P. Menyuk. (1995). Early development of hearing and language acquisition. In R. Schoonhoven, T. Kapteyn & J. de Laat (Eds.) Proceedings of European Conference on Audiology. European Federation of Audiological Societies: Leiden.

    P. Menyuk, Liebergott, J., & Schultz, M. (1995). Early language development in full-term and premature infants. Hillsdale, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

    P. Menyuk (1994). Word acquisition: The important role of prosody. Special Issue of the Phonetics Society of Japan. The Study of Sounds, 23, 209-226.

    Menyuk, P. Language development and Education. J. of Education, 177, 39-62.