Marnie Reed

Associate Professor
TESOL Program
School of Education

Research Interests

Speech perception of connected discourse by non-native speakers.


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Selected Refereed Presentations

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Invited Lectures, Service, and Consulting

Boston University. The Academy for Arabic Teachers, Arabic Language Program. (June, 2010). Department of Modern Languages & Comparative Literature. Second language acquisition.

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. (November, 2009). Professional Development Workshop. A practical approach to teaching pronunciation: Theory, practice, and assessment.

Universidad de Costa Rica, Sede de Occidente, San Ramon, Costa Rica. (August, 2009). Professional Development Workshop Series. Teaching of English as a foreign language.

Selected Professional Service

Member, Interest Section Leadership Council, TESOL Organization, 2010-2014.

Chair, Speech, Listening, Pronunciation (SPL) Interest Section, TESOL Organization, 2007-2009.