Jacqueline Liederman

Director, Brain, Behavior and Cognition Program
Department of Psychology

  • Office Address:
      64 Cummington Street, Room118c
      Department of Psychology
      Boston University
      Boston, MA 02215
  • Phone: (617) 353-3129
    Email: liederma@bu.edu

Research Interests

Interhemispheric interaction during information processing

Hemispatial neglect and anosognosia

Prenatal factors that cause neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyslexia

Recent Publications

Liederman, J. (1996). Evolving notions of mechanisms of interhemispheric cooperation during information processing. Laterality, 241-245

Sohn, Y.S., Liederman, J., and Reinitz, M. T (1996). Division of inputs between the hemispheres eliminates illusory conjunctions: evidence of hemispheric independence. Neuropsychologia, 34, 1057-1068.

Liederman, J. (1995). A reinterpretation of the split brain syndrome: Implications for the function of cortico-cortical fibers. In R. Davidson and K. Hugdahl (Eds.), Brain Asymmetry, pp.451-490. Cambridge: MIT Press: Cambridge.