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Course Offerings

A. Elective Course Offering

Students may take courses not on this list for their electives.  However, these should be approved by the major advisor.  Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) count only toward the MA program.

Linguistic Theory

CAS LX 500: Topics in Linguistics
CAS LX 502: Semantics
CAS LX 510: Phonetics and Phonology
CAS LX 513: Phonology (prereq. CAS LX 510 or equivalent)
CAS LX 521: Morphology
CAS LX 522: Syntax I
CAS LX 523: Syntax II (prereq. CAS LX 522 or equivalent)
SED LS 751: Language Universals and Universal Grammar

Language Acquisition

SED LS 566: Language Acquisition
* CAS PS 545: Language Development
SED LS 750: Cognitive Development and Language
GRS PS 848: Developmental Psycholinguistics
GRS LX 700: Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory
GRS LX 865: Advanced Topics: Language Acquisition
SED LS 753: Studies in Language Acquisition

Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, and Language Teaching

CAS EN 518 Linguistic Problems in TESOL
SED LS 658: Second Language Acquisition
SED BI 621: Bilingualism and Biliteracy
SED BI 620: Educational Issues in Bilingualism
*SED BI 535: Literacy Development for Bilingual Students
*SED BI 515: Bilingual Education Methods
SED TL 509: Methods of TESOL
SED TL 511: Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Languages

Linguistic Analysis of Specific Languages


CAS EN 515:History of English


CAS LF 502: French Syntax
CAS LF 503: French Phonology


CAS LS 504: History of Spanish


CAS LX 533: Creole Linguistics

American Sign Language

SED DE 672: Structure of American Sign Language

Neurolinguistics and Language Disorders

CAS PS 543: Cerebral Dominance
CAS PS 544: Developmental Neuropsychology
CAS PS 828: Psycholinguistics
GRS PS 831: Research Seminar in Neuropsychology
MED ME 709: Human Development
MED ME 775: Human Neuropsychology
MED ME 778: Beginning Basic Neuroscience
MED ME 779: Basic Neuroscience
MED ME 793: Neuropsychology of Language
MED ME 794: Brain Asymmetry
MED ME 795: Neuropsychology of Perception and Memory
SAR CD 505: Introduction to Phonological Disorders
* SAR CD 524: Bases for Normal Language Development
* SAR CD 531: Introduction to Speech and Language Disorders
SAR CD 708: Linguistic Theories, Acquisition and Analysis
SAR CD 731: Advanced Topics in Phonological Disorders
SAR CD 735: Child Language Disorders
SAR CD 736: Adult Language Disorders
SAR CD 737: Evaluation and Diagnosis in Speech Pathology
SAR CD 756: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
SAR HS 570: Neuropathology

Philosophy of Language

CAS PH 421: Frege, Moore and Russell
CAS PH 622: Analytic Philosophy
CAS PH 624: Wittgenstein
CAS PH 668: Philosophical Problems of Logic and Mathematics
CAS PH 663: Philosophy of Language
CAS PH 643: Philosophy of Mind

Computational Linguistics

CAS CN 510, 520: Principles and Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling, I and II
CAS CS 540: Artificial Intelligence
CAS CN 560: Neural and Computational Models of Speech Perception and Productions
GRS CS 792: Seminar in Computational Linguistics

Research Methodology

CAS AN 590: Theory, Method and Technique in Fieldwork
CAS LX 501: Linguistic Field Methods
CAS MA 613, 614: Statistical Methods, I and II
GRS AL 610: Qualitative Research Methods
GRS AL 754: Psycholinguistic Research Methods
GRS LX 865: Advanced Topics: Language Acquisition
GRS PS 711,712: Statistics in Psychology, I and II
GRS SO 709: Field Research
GRS SO 712: Qualitative Research Methods
SED LS 754: Psycholinguistic Research Methods
SED RS 652: Qualitative Research Methods
SED RS 653: Quantitative Research Methods
SSW SR 900: Quantitative Data Analysis
SSW SR 906: Qualitative Analysis of Clinical Data

Language and Society

SED BI 620: Educational Issues in Bilingualism
SED BI 621: Bilingualism and Biliteracy
CAS AN 524 Seminar: Language and Culture Contacts in Contemporary Africa
GRS AN 721: Cognition and Culture
GRS AN 751: Language, Culture and Society
GRS SO 812: Selected Topics in Individual and Society
GRS SO 813: Conversation and Interaction Analysis

Directed Research

For Directed Research courses, instructor and hours are arranged and credit is variable.  The section letter used to register for this course is determined by the faculty supervisor. For information on section letter, contact instructor or program assistant.

GRS AL 901, 902: Directed Study in Applied Linguistics
SED LC 900: Independent Study
SED LC 999: Dissertation Advisement

In addition, the following courses are offered for students who have not yet had basic linguistics.  These courses do not count for credit toward the Ph.D. or MA.

CAS EN 511: Introduction to Linguistics
CAS LX 250: Foundations of Language
CAS PS 545: Language Development
SED LS 560: Introduction to Language and Language Acquisition
SED LS 565: Introduction to Language