Jobs: General Linguistics: Web Programmer, Language Science Press

University or Organization: Language Science Press
Job Location: Berlin, Germany
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Job Title: Web Programmer
Job Rank: Web Programmer

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics


Language Science Press is a publication unit at the Freie Universität Berlin that is exploring a completely new publication model for linguistics books, with support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). We aim to publish high-quality open-access books and want to be seen by academic linguists as competitive with the major international publishers. We believe that most of the traditional services of book publishers are now done more efficiently by science organizations themselves, and that it will be possible to organize book publication in such a way that neither readers nor authors are charged. This requires community involvement and the development of certain technical skills, but we think that many linguists are willing to support and adopt the new publication model.

The DFG grant money will be used to develop a sustainable business model for this publication unit and standards for LaTeX to ebook/XML conversion, for enrichement of XML, and for setting up databases with linguistic examples that are automatically extracted from our books and automatically annotated for phenomena and languages.

The open source publishing software Open Monograph Press will be extended by Open Review modules, community reviewing and versioning and gamification aspects. Please refer to the grant proposal for further details.

We are hiring four people for two years starting in April or May 2014.
The position described here (position 2) is responsible for
extensions of the Open Monograph Press software. This involves an extension that allows to offer several versions of a document and involve the scientifc community in reviewing/proofreading of preofficial versions of the book. Part of this task is the implementation of gamification aspects.
It is a fulltime position.

– PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, git
– Knowledge of Open Monograph Press
– Knowledge of Scientific Publishing
– Knowledge of Social Software (Community Managment, Gamification)

Payment is according to TVL 13 payscale. The actual payment depends on experience.

Language Science Press is an equal rights enterprise, so applications by women are explicitly encouraged. Those who are interested should contact Stefan Müller as quickly as possible.

Application Deadline: 31-Mar-2014

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Dr. Sebastian Nordhoff

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-1363