GSAS Workshop on Indo-European and Historical Linguistics: Tyler Lau, Wednesday 5 March

Dear Friends of the GSAS Workshop on Indo-European and Historical Linguistics,

I am pleased to announce the first talk in our series this spring. Please note the date (Wednesday), time (5:15pm) and location (Boylston 303).

Speaker: Tyler Lau (Harvard University)

Title: “Microvariation in Ryukyuan Verbal Morphology”

Date: Wednesday, 5 March at 5:15 p.m., Boylston 303

A short abstract is provided below.

Tyler Lau – Microvariation in Ryukyuan Verbal Morphology

The Ryukyuan languages show remarkable diversity in verbal morphology. One area in which differences are of note are in what are traditionally called by Classical Japanese grammarians the “irrealis” forms (comprising of the negative, passive, and causative verb forms). I explore differences, especially in the vowel-final verb classes in the Ryukyuan languages vis-à-vis Japanese and discuss implications for past discussions of Proto-Japono-Ryukyuan morphology.