FYI: New Resource on Language Attitudes: Corpus KiDKo/E

We are pleased to announce the launch of KiDKo/E, a new resource with sociolinguistic data.

KiDKo/E captures spontaneous data from the public discussion on “Kiezdeutsch”, a way of speaking that emerged in multiethnic urban areas of Germany. The corpus assembles emails and readers’ comments posted in reaction to media reports on Kiezdeutsch. Postings are mostly in German, with a smaller part in English (in reaction to a report in The Economist).

By doing so, KiDKo/E provides spontaneous data on attitudes, perceptions, and ideologies relating, among others, to such domains as
– migration
– multilingualism
– standard language
– social class and ‘ethnicity’

The corpus can be reached at:

It can be accessed either through ANNIS, an open-source platform that supports browser-based search and visualization of corpus data, or it can be downloaded, in a low-tech version, as an Excel file.

KiDKo/E is associated with the KiezDeutsch-Korpus (KiDKo,, a corpus of spontaneous conversations in informal peer group situations in urban Germany (planned to become publicly available by the end of this year).

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): German (deu)

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-982