Confs: Cognitive Science, Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Psycholing, General Ling/Spain

Current Issues on Experimental Linguistics

Date: 21-May-2014 – 23-May-2014
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Contact: Laura Nadal
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Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Pragmatics; Psycholinguistics

Meeting Description:

The 11th International Conference on General Linguistics (XI Congreso Internacional de Lingüística General) will take place in Pamplona from 21st to 23rd May, 2014. This Conference continues with the biennial conferences on Linguistics held at Spanish universities since 1994, offering a window for scientific dialogue and exchange on language and languages.

The 2014 Conference will include a monographic section on Experimental Linguistics under the title ‘Current Issues on Experimental Linguistics: Scope and Limits’ (La lingüística experimental, hoy: límites y alcances), organised by the research group Diskurspartikeln und Kognition from Heidelberg University. This section shall provide a platform for debate on the theoretical and epistemological foundations of the empirical approaches in Linguistics, as well as on the results obtained in the last years regarding the cognitive processes occurring in linguistic comprehension and production.

The section will be divided in four thematic blocks:

a.Empirical studies on conceptualization across languages
b.Empirical studies on Systemic Contrastive Linguistics
c.Experimental studies on cross linguistic transfer in language acquisition
d.Studies on Experimental Pragmatics

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-691