BU Graduate Programs in Linguistics

As of July 1, 2015, the MA and PhD degrees in Applied Linguistics at Boston University are offered through the Linguistics Program.  New students are being accepted only into the MA program.

The Linguistics website http://ling.bu.edu is being modified to reflect the fact that these graduate degrees are now being offered through Linguistics. Until the website reconstruction is complete, information about the graduate programs will remain available through this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Prof. Carol Neidle, Director of the Linguistics Program <carol@bu.edu> or Prof. Jon Barnes, Associate Director and Director of Graduate Studies <jabarnes@bu.edu>.

Boston University, Linguistics Program Office
621 Commonwealth Avenue, room 120
Boston, MA  02215


The MA and PhD Programs in Applied Linguistics

Because language-related phenomena are central to many aspects of human life, individuals who possess sophisticated knowledge of language and linguistics work in a wide range of professional and academic fields. Applied linguistics, an interdisciplinary enterprise, encompasses a correspondingly wide range of aims and concerns. Boston University’s doctoral and Master’s programs in Applied Linguistics offer a solid foundation in linguistic theory and practice, and offer opportunities for study in a variety of applied areas.

The MA and PhD programs are particularly appropriate for students whose primary interest is in first language acquisition and development, second language and bilingualism, language disorders, the development and use of American Sign Language, theoretical linguistics, the teaching of foreign languages, literacy, and discourse studies. Students in the MA and PhD programs apply knowledge about linguistic theory, description, and analysis to a particular area of study.