Lindsey Foo


M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology, St. John’s University (2017)

B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, University of Texas at Austin (2015)

Research Interests

My current focus is the rehabilitation of cognitive-linguistic skills following traumatic brain injury and stroke in young adults. I am also interested in the nature and treatment of aphasia and neurodegenerative disease with a special focus on bilingual aphasia.

Current Projects

Intensive Cognitive Communication Rehabilitation 

Posters and Publications

Bedore, L. M., Briseño, J. R., Foo, L. A., Peña, E. D. (2014, February). Influences of language knowledge and memory on sentence repetition. Accepted for poster presentation at the 2014 Texas Speech and Hearing Association Convention in Houston, TX

Foo, L. A., Obler, L. K., Gorno-Tempini, M. L., Saloner, R., Vonk, J.M.. (2017, March). Independent effects of lexical frequency and age of acquisition on lexical processing in healthy older adults. Accepted for poster presentation at the 2017 Graduate Center, CUNY Student Research Day in New York, NY

Foo, L. A., Aviles-Sosa, T., Chann, C., Gross, H., & Henriquez, K., (2017, March). Cancer as it relates to swallowing and communication. Presentation at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Departmental In-service Educational Lecture, New York, NY

Foo, L. A, Sebro-Calderon, T, & Garcia, T. (2017, April). Communication and swallowing intervention for head and neck cancer. Presentation at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Cancer Rehab Symposium, New York, NY

Foo, L. A., Centeno, J. G (2017, April). Language Attrition in speakers of English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Accepted for poster presentation at the 2017 St. John’s University Research Day in NY, NY.