Teresa Gray


Ph.D. Speech-Language Pathology, Boston University (in progress)

M.A. Speech Language Pathology, San Jose State University (CCC-SLP)

B.A. Literature, University California Santa Cruz


Bilingualism and language access, the role of executive functioning in linguistic and non-linguistic contexts in bilingual aphasia, the use of neuroimaging to examine neural substrates in bilingual individuals with aphasia, the role of language rehabilitation and its short-term and long-term effects of functional communication.


Investigating linguistic versus non-linguistic interference suppression in bilingual aphasia.  In this project Spanish-English neurologically healthy adults and Spanish-English patients with bilingual aphasic complete the flanker task and a linguistic task, both of which require the suppression of non-target information.

Using voxel based morphometry (VBM) to compare gray matter volume in two groups (Hindi-English and Spanish-English) of healthy bilingual young adults.


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