Peter Glynn


B.S., Neuroscience, Boston University, Class of 2011

Research Interests

My research centers on using neuroimaging techniques to elucidate the neural mechanisms supporting language recovery after a stroke. In the past these imaging techniques have been limited to fMRI. However, I am currently working on incorporating EEG/MEG into our experimental paradigm to provide a multi-modal perspective on language function and recovery.

Current Projects

fMRI Typicality Treatment Study

fMRI Bilingual Study


Kiran, S., Sandberg, C., Glynn, P., Richardson, J., Ul-Haq, I. (submitted). The role of ipsi, peri and contralesional language regions in training induced language recovery in aphasia. Manuscript submitted for publication.


HBM 2012  What is the role of the IFG in language recovery in aphasia?