For patients and caregivers

At the Aphasia Research Laboratory, we are conducting numerous experiments to determine the effectiveness of language treatment in individuals with word finding, sentence formulation, and sentence comprehension, reading, writing and memory problems. We are looking for individuals who may be interested in receiving therapy.

Prior to initiation of the experiment, your language abilities following the stroke will be assessed through standardized language tests. Following that, you will receive speech/language therapy to improve your communication abilities. The duration of therapy can range from 2 – 7 months, at no cost to you. Throughout the therapy, you will be provided with feedback on your progress.

Even if you have previously received speech therapy, you are eligible to participate in these experiments.

Please call the Aphasia Research Laboratory at: 617-358-5478.

See the ongoing studies that we are recruiting for.

Study1. Therapy for Spanish-English bilingual aphasia

Study 2. Recruiting bi/multilingual patients

Study 3 Neuroimaging of language recovery in bilingual aphasia

Study 4.Neuroimaging of language recovery in aphasia

Study 5. Therapy for language processing deficits



We require Normally functioning individuals too! Contact the Aphasia Research Laboratory if you wish to participate in our experiments.

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