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Information about Aphasia caregiver support groups

There are currently two free support groups for caregivers, family, and friends of Aphasia patients in the Boston.

1). The BU Aphasia Community Group.

When: Meets monthly on Saturdays from 11am-2pm
The first hour is spent with patients and caregivers all together, and during the second hour, the groups are split up into patients and caregivers.  11-1pm is all together with families and aphasics but the last hour we breakout into. Everyone is welcome to the group!

Where: The group is held on the first floor of BU Sargent College, 635 Commonwealth Avenue. Please sign in at the lobby entrance.

2). The MGH IHP in Charlestown

When: During the summer, meets weekly on Thursdays at 1pm (until mid August). During the fall, meets weekly on Fridays at 1pm (starting in mid-September). There is an Aphasia group and a caregiver group.

Where: The group is held at 36 First Avenue in Charlestown.

Additionally, the Justice 4 Aphasia Foundation in Braintree is currently working on a caregiver guide, which they hope to distribute in the future.

If you have any question about caregiver groups, Aphasia awareness and advocacy, or resources, please contact Karen Kelly at

If you have any questions about resources, continuing therapy, or participating in research studies, please contact the Boston University Aphasia Research Lab at (617)-353-2706, or by emailing us at


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