Upcoming conference presentations from the lab

Academy of Aphasia, Oct 28-Oct 30th, San Francisco, CA.

Effects of Training Sentence to Picture Matching and Object Manipulation to Improve
Sentence Comprehension in Aphasia: Acquisition and Generalization
Kiran S.a, Caplan D.b, Villard S.a, Ascenso E.a, Waters G.a
a Speech and Hearing Sciences, Boston University b Massachusetts General Hospital

Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Interference Suppression in Bilingual Aphasia
Gray T.a, Kiran S.
Speech and Hearing Sciences, Boston University

The Nature of Lexical Semantic Access in Bilingual Aphasia
Kiran S., Balachandran I., Lucas J., Gray T.
Speech and Hearing Sciences, Boston University


American Speech Language and Hearing Association Convention, Nov 16-Nov 19th, Atlanta, GA

Session Code: 1152
Date/Time: Thurs, Nov 15, 6.30—7.30 PM
Location/Room: GWCC/A412
Title: Thinking About a PhD? Information for Prospective Doctoral Students
Presenters: Shelley Gray, Julia Evans, Jessica Sullivan, Barbara Rodriguez, Swathi Kiran, Tiffany Hogan &
Jordan Green

Session Code: 5083
Date/Time: Fri, Nov 16, 3.30—4.00 PM
Location/Room: GWCC/B309
Title: Bilingual Aphasia: What is the Role of Proficiency and Impairment?
Presenters: Teresa Gray & Swathi Kiran

Session Code: 5123
Date/Time: Sat, Nov 17, 2.00—2.30 PM
Location/Room: GWCC/B212
Title: Two Treatments for Sentence
Comprehension Deficits in Aphasia
Presenters: Sarah Villard & Swathi Kiran

World Federation of Neurology: Research Group on Aphasia and Cognitive Disorders, Hyderabad, India

9th December 2012 to 12th December 2012

Symposium: Bilingual Aphasia
(Jubin Abutalebi, Lorraine Obler, Brendan Weekes, Bhomika Rastogi Kar,
Swathi Kiran, Reza Nilipour)

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