Professorial Faculty with Modified Titles and Lecturers

Clinical, Research, of the Practice, Adjunct, Visiting, Emeritus Professors, Lecturer ranks

These are professorial titles modified in some way to indicate special circumstances of the appointment, or the non-professorial titles in the Lecturer ranks. These are by definition non-tenure track appointments, and all but “Emeritus” are assigned for a set term specified in a letter of appointment or reappointment. The description of these ranks may be found in the Faculty Handbook. Faculty members with modified titles and Lecturers are eligible for promotion by procedures that are specific to each school or college.  These appointments and promotions do not go through the University Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee (UAPT).  All Professorial faculty with modified titles and Lecturers are welcome to consult with the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs when issues arise regarding promotion or professional progress at Boston University.