Promotion is the institutional recognition of professional accomplishment. Boston University is committed to developing and promoting excellence on the part of all of its faculty members, with the recognition that evidence of excellence will be different among the many academic and professional disciplines represented within the University. To aid faculty members within each school, and to foster understanding of what constitutes excellence for faculty across schools, each school or college has developed explicit expectations for faculty performance and accomplishment that are consistent with the mission of the school and the characteristics of the disciplines represented within it. These expectations are periodically reviewed by the Provost’s office and are available on the websites of the individual schools. The Faculty Handbook sections linked below contain descriptions of the expected attributes for faculty at different ranks, as well as the overall promotions processes for faculty on both campuses.  The University Provost’s website has a section of instructions and tips for CRC promotion applications, as well as a separate Forms Library.

Additional information for faculty with unmodified titles, those with modified titles (e.g. Clinical, Research, of the Practice), and Lecturers may be found at the pages listed to the right.

The Senior Associate Provost is available to meet with individual faculty members from any school or college at Boston University for a confidential discussion of concerns or questions that arise regarding promotion at any time.  She can also meet with groups of faculty members in a school or college to provide general information and to address common concerns.  Please feel free to contact her by e-mail ( to set up a meeting.

Policies, Forms, and Guidelines