Thursday 25 March

1:30PM    Registration

1:45PM    Welcome and introductions

2:00PM   Session 1

Introducing Arvo Pärt – Chair: Jeremy Yudkin (Boston University)

1) Deconstructing Spirituality: Collage and Décollage Techniques in Arvo Pärt’s Credo (1968) — Andreas Waczkat (University of Göttingen, Germany)

2) Symbolic Chiasm in Arvo Pärt’s Passio (1982) — Mark Vuorinen (Music Director, Toronto Chamber Choir, Canada)

Spiegel im Spiegel (James Winn, alto flute; Andrew Shenton, piano)

3) Dialogue with the Entirely Other — Christoph Schlütter (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

4) Russian Bells: A Liturgical Inspiration for Tintinnabuli — Marguerite Bostonia (West Virginia Wesleyan College, WV)

5:30PM            Dinner

7:30PM            Session 2

Arvo Pärt and Contemporary Spirituality – Moderator: Andrew Shenton

Summa sung by member of the Bridge Ensemble

1) Out of time and place: the incongruity of Arvo Pärt — Benjamin Skipp (Oxford University, UK)

Benjamin Skipp’s paper will provide the starting place for a roundtable discussion on Arvo Pärt and contemporary spirituality

9:00PM            Reception

Friday 26 March

8:30AM           Continental breakfast

9:00AM           Session 3

Pärt and text setting – Chair: Karen Westerfield-Tucker (Boston University)

1) Reimagining the Divine in Two Choral Works by Arvo Pärt — Gene Biringer (Lawrence University, WI)

2) Lamentate: Richness out of restriction, hope out of lament — Leo Brauneiss (University of Vienna, Austria)

3) Arvo Pärt’s Miserere — Thomas Holm (Northwestern College, IA)

11:15AM         Refreshment break

11:30AM         Session 4

Pärt and Silence – Chair: Sander van Maas (University of Amsterdam)

1) Intentional Listening for Representation and Relationship in Pärt’s Tintinnabulation — AJ DeBonis (Eastern University, PA)

2) Silence and Salvation — CJ Dickson (Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ)

1:00PM            Lunch

3:00PM            Session 5

Aural icons – Chair: Alexandre Abdoulaev (Boston University)

An den Wassern, The Bridge Ensemble, Timothy Westerhaus, conductor

1) Aural Icons: Multiple Ontologies and the Work of Recognition in Arvo Pärt’s Tintinnabuli Music — Jeffers Engelhardt (Amherst College, MA)

Missa syllabica, The Bridge Ensemble

2) Arvo Pärt: Minimalism, Icons and Interiority — Robert Sholl (The Royal Academy of Music, UK)

5:30PM            Dinner

Saturday 27 March

8:30AM           Continental breakfast

9:00AM           Session 6

Pärt and Music Theory – Chair: Robert Sholl (The Royal Academy of Music)

1) Pärt’s evolving tintinnabuli style — Michael Chikinda (Queens University, Ontario, Canada)

2) Textual, chordal and tintinnabular analysis of Arvo Pärt’s The Beatitudes — Daniel Huey (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA)

3) Transformations of pitch-class multiplicity in the tintinnabuli — Thomas Robinson (University of Alabama, AL)

11:15AM         Refreshment break

11:30AM         Session 7

Arvo Pärt and Popular Culture – Chair: Thomas Peattie (Boston University)

1) Spiegel im Spiegel: a musical mirror for the cinematic image — Michael Baumgartner (Independent Scholar, Boston, MA)

2) Arvo Pärt in the Marketplace — Laura Dolp (Montclair State University, NJ)

1:00PM            Conference ends