Madam Ruth Sando Perry

perryOn September 3, 1996 Madam Perry was appointed head of the six-member Council of State of the Liberia National Transitional Government (LNTG). Madam Perry faced the daunting task of leading her country from a seven-year civil war to peace and stability.

Since 1989, the west African nation of Liberia, has been burdened with a
civil war that has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands more displaced internally and externally.

Madame Perry’s greatest accomplishments during her tenure in office were achieving an effective ceasefire among the intractable warring factions, the disarmament of more than 80% of the combatants, and providing for the smooth and peaceful transfer of power to a democratically elected government on August 7, 1997.

With a background in education and business, Madame Perry rose to political prominence in 1985 when she was overwhelmingly elected Senator for Grand Cape Mount County, her home in Western Liberia.

Madame Perry continues to advocate for improvement in the status of women in Africa, as well as for peaceful co-existence among peoples everywhere. The attainment of these objectives has motivated her active participation in national and international efforts around the world. She is founder and chief executive officer of the Perry Center, an agency established to foster peace, stability and development in Africa.

Madame Perry is the mother of seven biological children, as well as a mother to countless other children all over the world. From the uniquely blended perspective of an African mother, educator and statesman, Madame Perry is well placed to express her views on issues that affect the growth and progress of Africa. She provides an opportunity to gain better insight into how African countries can move from crisis to stability, as well as strategies for preventing other countries from entering such destructive cycles.

The slogan of women activists in Liberia is; “DON’T SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING!” It appears as if Her Excellency Madame Ruth Sando Perry is determined to live out the true meaning of this edict.