Endowment Options

Endowment of the African Presidential Center
Required commitment: $10,000,000

A donor who wishes to endow the African Presidential Center may do so with a commitment of $10,000,000. Income from this gift would be used for a variety of purposes within the Center as determined by the donor’s preferences and the Center’s areas of greatest need. The donor endowing the Center will be offered a significant naming opportunity.

Endowment of the African Presidential Library
Required commitment to launch renovation and/or new construction: $5,000,000

The Center is a repository for the interviews, writings, papers, and other documents obtained from democratically elected leaders of Africa and others who have influenced the present phase of Africa’s development. A donor who wishes to endow the African Presidential Library will launch the construction or renovation of a facility on the Boston University campus to house the African Presidential Library, and will be offered a significant naming opportunity in relation to this momentous first step in the development of the archival work of the Center.

Endowment of the Presidents-in-Residence Program
Required commitment: $3,000,000

To carry-out the African Presidential Center’s mission, it is necessary to maintain its residency program with two-year residential opportunities for democratically elected former African leaders who will write, lecture, and engage the university and the broader community on African issues. The donor endowing the President-in-Residence Program will be offered a significant naming opportunity.

Endowment of the Public Papers and Private Conversations Project
Required commitment: $2,000,000

This project is designed to ensure that the insights and wisdom gained during the dynamic early years of Africa’s experience in democracy and free-market reform are chronicled and preserved for future generations to study and analyze. Researchers will visit select African countries to collect the public papers of democratically elected leaders, and to meet with them and conduct in-depth interviews regarding contemporary events on the continent. The donor endowing this project will be offered a significant naming opportunity. Endowment gifts of $50,000 earmarked by the donor for specific papers or regions of Africa will create a fund bearing the name of the donor or of a person the donor wishes to honor.

Endowment of the State of Africa Report
Required commitment: $1,500,000

The State of Africa Report offers a much needed annual commentary on politics and policies from the perspective of the individuals shaping those trends. Several current publications focus attention on Africa, but a critical perspective has not been chronicled in an ongoing and systematic way for African leaders who are furthering democratic governance and free market reform. The African Leaders’ Report addresses this glaring need. The donor endowing the Report will be offered a significant naming opportunity.

Endowment ofPublic Programming
Required commitment: $600,000

Programming provides a perpetual source of funding for lectures and other activities that will bring the work of the Center to a broad audience. Speeches, lectures and symposia receive wide media distribution, through WBUR, the University’s National Public Radio affiliate, and on television through PBS, CNN or other outlets. A lecture series of one semester may be endowed for $200,000, and a lecture series for the full academic year may be endowed at $400,000. An individual exhibition at the African Presidential Library may be sponsored for $10,000-$20,000, depending on the donor’s interests.