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Research Summary

Medical Care Covers Alcohol and HIV Issues Among Veterans

The August 2006 supplement of Medical Care focuses on the intersection of alcohol use and HIV in veterans. Studies in the supplement involve a prospective cohort of over 7000 veterans and a “virtual” cohort, assembled using electronic medical records, of almost 50,000 veterans.

  • One study indicates that male veterans with HIV are more likely than male veterans without HIV to engage in risky sexual behavior, particularly because of intoxication.
  • Other studies show that among veterans with HIV,
    • those with alcohol problems use health services more often than those without;
    • those who are homeless are hospitalized more, but use outpatient care less, than those who are housed.
  • Lastly, a group of researchers report on the association between alcohol use and medical illness among veterans with HIV, emphasizing the lack of a safe level of consumption.


This supplement provides a platform to develop new ways to address the overlapping problems of alcohol use and HIV among veterans.

Richard Saitz, MD, MPH


Medical Care. 2006;44(8):Suppl 2.