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Research Summary

National Institute Reviews Findings From a National Survey and Health Services Research

The latest issues of Alcohol Research and Health, the journal of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, focus on two important areas in alcohol research: the epidemiology of alcohol and related conditions, and health services.

The issue on the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions highlights these topics:

  • Prevalence of and trends in alcohol abuse and dependence
  • Comorbidity between alcohol and specific drug use disorders
  • Co-occurrence of substance use disorders and mood, anxiety, and personality disorders
  • Recovery from alcohol dependence
  • Prevalence and changes in driving after drinking

In the health services issue, experts review the following:

  • Linking research with practice in alcoholism treatment
  • Performance measures
  • Economic evaluation of interventions
  • Court-mandated treatment for convicted drunk drivers
  • Racial and ethnic disparities in alcohol treatment
  • Gender and substance abuse treatment utilization
  • Welfare reform’s impact on substance abuse services
  • Computer-based tools for diagnosis and treatment


The important research summarized in these two issues of Alcohol Research and Health can inform clinicians of both the magnitude of alcohol-related problems in the United States and the strengths and challenges of the services that aim to address these problems.

Richard Saitz, MD, MPH
Rosanne Guerriero, MPH


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