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Research Summary

National Institute Reviews Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention

In two full issues of Alcohol Research and Health—a journal published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism—experts review many aspects of screening and brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use.

  • The first issue reviews screening in general healthcare, screening test characteristics, National Alcohol Screening Day, biomarkers for alcohol use (including use during pregnancy), and factors that facilitate implementation of brief intervention.
  • The second issue covers screening and brief intervention in a variety of settings, including primary care practices, emergency departments, prenatal settings, the criminal justice system, and colleges. It also summarizes the legal barriers to screening in emergency departments and trauma centers.


Although these reviews are not systematic, they do cover a range of topics relevant to identifying and addressing unhealthy alcohol use outside of specialty alcoholism treatment settings.

Richard Saitz, MD, MPH


Alcohol Research and Health. Screening and Brief Intervention, Part I: An Overview.2004/2005; 28(1).

Alcohol Research and Health. Screening and Brief intervention, Part II: A Focus on Specific Settings. 2004/2005;29(2).