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Drug and Alcohol Review Publishes Special Issue on Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines

Drug and Alcohol Review (DAR), the journal of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD), has released a special issue exploring the evidence and controversies related to low-risk drinking guidelines. Topics include:

  • Constructing and responding to low-risk drinking guidelines.
  • A relative-risk approach to estimating hazardous consumption.
  • Evaluating the validity of alternative drinking guidelines.
  • Differences in drinking guidelines across countries.
  • “Acceptable” risk during pregnancy.
  • Drinking and youth: Is there a “low risk” drinking level?
  • The place of reported cardioprotective effects in shaping drinking guidelines.
  • Awareness of drinking guidelines in the general public.
  • Marketing responsible drinking: Competing voices and interests.

Visit the DAR homepage at to access articles on these and other guideline-related topics.