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Journal Club Presentations:  Prognosis

Presentations Summaries of Evaluated Articles
SeptemberOctober 2010

Patients with Chronic Pain and a Substance Use Disorder May Have Better Pain Outcomes with More Intensive Treatments
Reference: Morasco BJ, et al. J Pain. September 16, 2010 (E-pub ahead of print).

MayJune 2008

Wine, but Not Other Alcoholic Beverages, Associated with Less Dementia
Reference: Mehlig K, et al. Am J Epidemiol. 2008;167(6):684-691.

April 2008

Death Before, During, and After Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Reference: Clausen T, et al. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2008;94(1-3):151-157.

SeptemberOctober 2007

What Predicts Harmful Alcohol Use After Liver Transplantation?
Reference: De Gottardi A, et al. Arch Intern Med.2007;167(11):1183–1188.

MayJune 2007

Persistent Pain Increases Risk of Relapse
Reference: Larson MJ, et al. Addiction. 2007;(Online Early Articles): doi: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2007.01759.x

NovemberDecember 2005 Predicting Alcohol Withdrawal in Medical Inpatients
Reference: Dolman JM, et al. Alcohol Alcohol. 2005;40(6):515–519.

SeptemberOctober 2005 Risky Drinking Associated With Psychiatric Disorders
Reference: Bott K, et al. J Stud Alcohol. 2005;66(2):246-253.

MarchApril 2005 Older Adults Often Exceed Alcohol Consumption Limits
Reference: Moos RH, et al. Am J Public Health. 2004;94(11):1985–1991.

JanuaryFebruary 2005 Does Alcohol Consumption Increase the Risk of Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter?
Reference: Frost L, et al. Arch Int Med. 2004;164(18):1993–1998.

NovemberDecember 2004

Adolescent Substance Use and Later Alcohol and Drug Dependence
Reference: Gil AG, et al. Am J Pub Health. 2004;94(9):1603–1609.

JulyAugust 2004 Alcohol, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
Reference: Malinski MK, et al. Arch Intern Med. 2004;164(6):623–628.

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