Concentration in Anthropology and Religion

Concentration in Anthropology and Religion

This joint major offers the student numerous ways to understand how religion works as a dynamic aspect of culture, and how individuals interact with their social environments to create systems of belief and ritual in their efforts to make sense of the world.

Six courses in religion and six courses in anthropology are required with a grade of C or higher, as specified below. Those 12 courses must include Anthropology of Religion (taken either as CAS AN 384 or as CAS RN 387). Candidates for the BA with this joint major may not pursue a second concentration in religion or anthropology. They are, however, encouraged to take courses beyond the required 12 in either or both disciplines. Qualified seniors should consider Independent Work for Distinction, either AN 401/402 or RN 401/402. To ensure the most suitable program of study for the prospective student’s areas of interest, courses should be selected in consultation with the program advisor. For further information about the joint program, contact Professor Frank Korom, the program advisor or either department chair.

Religion: CAS RN 103 Religions of the World: Eastern, or CAS RN 104 Religions of the World: Western; one 200-level course on the major world traditions (CAS RN 209–219); CAS RN 200; and three additional courses from the master list for the concentration, numbered 220 or higher.

Anthropology: CAS AN 101 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology) or CAS AN 103 (Anthropology Through Ethnography); CAS AN 252 Ethnicity and Identity; CAS AN 384/RN 387 Anthropology of Religion; CAS AN 461 Ethnography and Anthropological Theory I; and two social anthropology courses at the 300 level or above from the master list for the concentration.

The following courses will count for the Anthropology and Religion degree. Note that they may not all be offered in a given year of semester.

Students who would like to petition for a Directed Study course will need to approach Professor Frank Korom or the Director of Undergraduate Study for approval within the Anthropology and Religion concentration.


Master list for Anthropology

  • AN243 Shamanism *exception to the 300 level*
  • AN319 Anthropology of Muslim Cultures and Politics
  • AN325 Hinduism, Globalization and World Politics
  • AN329 Women in the Muslim World
  • AN337 Evolution and Creation New Course
  • AN355 Religious Fundamentalism
  • AN375 Culture, Society, and Religion in South Asia
  • AN384 Anthropological Study of Religion
  • AN525 Ritual and Political Identity
  • AN532 Literacy and Islam in Africa
  • AN547 Topics: Muslim Societies and Islamic Civilizations
  • AN548 Muslim Societies: AN Interpretive History
  • AN563 Public Religion and Politics across Cultures
  • AN568 Symbol, Myth, and Rite

NOTE: AN243, AN375. and AN568 are cross-listed with Religion; students can take either one for credit, but not both


Master list for Religion

  • RN100 Religion & Culture
  • RN102 Sacred Journeys
  • RN103 World Religions: East
  • RN104 World Religions: West
  • RN106 Death and Immortality
  • RN111 Multireligious America
  • RN200 Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Religion
  • RN203 Religion and Film
  • RN204 Topics in Religion and the Visual Arts
  • RN210 Buddhism
  • RN211 Chinese Religion
  • RN212 Christianity
  • RN213 Hinduism
  • RN214 Islam
  • RN215 Japanese Religion
  • RN216 Judaism
  • RN220 The Holy City: Jerusalem in Time, Space, and Imagination
  • RN224 Women and Religion
  • RN239 Religion & Science
  • RN241 Topics in Religion & Evil
  • RN242 Magic, Science, and Religion
  • RN243 Shamans and Shamanism
  • RN308 The Open Heaven: Apocalyptic Literature in Early Judaism and Christianity
  • RN310 Christendom Divided: Reformation and Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe
  • RN312 Buddhism in America
  • RN316 Modern Islam
  • RN317 Greek and Roman Religion
  • RN318 Religion and American Foreign Policy
  • RN322 History of Judaism
  • RN326 Jewish Mystical Movements and Modernization, 1492-2000
  • RN330 American Jewish Experiences
  • RN331 Zionism and the State of Israel
  • RN332 Foundations of Jewish Politics
  • RN336 The Heretical Jew
  • RN337 Gender and Judaism
  • RN339 The Modern Jew
  • RN341 Islamic Mysticism: Sufism
  • RN345 Islamic Law
  • RN360 Daoist Religion
  • RN361 Confucian Religion
  • RN363 Zen Buddhism
  • RN375 Culture, Society, and Religion in South Asia
  • RN382 History of Religion in Pre-Colonial Africa
  • RN384 The Holocaust
  • RN387 Anthropological Approaches to Religion
  • RN425 Topics in South Asian Religions: Visual Piety
  • RN427 Wandering as Practice and Play
  • RN429 Religion & Politics in South Asia
  • RN430 Topics in East Asian Religions
  • RN434 Representations of Muhammad
  • RN439 Jewish Bioethics
  • RN453 Topics in Religion and Sexuality
  • RN466 Religion and the Problem of Tolerance
  • RN471 Topics in Ancient Christianity
  • RN491 Ds: Religion
  • RN492 Directed Study
  • RN494 Magical Texts: Literature & Practice
  • RN499 Topics in Judaic Studies
  • RN504 Topics in Religion and the Visual Arts
  • RN560 The Politics of Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in International Relations
  • RN561 Religion and International Relations
  • RN563 Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History