Tracks and Degree Programs

All majors (including double majors) must have an advisor in the Anthropology Department with whom they consult regularly in planning their program of study. The total number of courses required is 12 in the cultural track and 13 in the biological track. Both tracks require a grade of C or higher in all concentration courses. Students take two prerequisite courses, four principals courses, and either six (cultural track) or seven (biological track) additional courses.

We now are encouraging all majors to take AN461 and AN462 in their junior year. This is in response to student feedback that you wanted to learn more anthropology theory early on, so that you could apply it to your final courses. It also sets the stage for the upcoming Anthropology Honors Program.


  • AN101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology or AN103 Anthropology Through Ethnography
  • AN102 Human Behavioral Biology and Evolution

Principal Courses (1 course in each of the following areas):

  • Biological anthropology
  • Linguistics (CAS AN351, AN521, or LX250)
  • Social anthropology (in any topical or theoretical subject)
  • Archaeology

Additional Courses: Social Anthropology Track (six courses)

  • AN 461 Ethnography and Anthropological Theory I
  • AN 462 Ethnography and Anthropological Theory II
  • Two social anthropology courses dealing primarily with a geographical region of the world,(one of these may be in archaeology). Anthropology courses which meet this requirement are indicated by the parenthetical designation “area” following the course title.
  • Two additional Anthropology or Archaeology courses , including any of the 600-level courses listed in the Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice program at the BU School of Medicine

Additional Courses: Biological Anthropology Track

  • Two 300-level or higher courses in biological anthropology
  • Two 400 level or higher courses in biological anthropology
  • 1 additional course in biology (any level), or archaeological science (AR280, 290, 307, 308, 381, 382)
  • 2 additional 200-level or higher courses in biological anthropology or biology, one of which may be HS 369 or HS 251 from Sargent College